Drive through intercom systems 

We use PAR G5 Drive-Thru Systems

The PAR G5 Single Lane Drive-Thru System includes...

  • (1) PAR G5 Base Station
  • (2) PAR G5 Control Pods
  • (3) PAR G5 Headset Carriers
  • (3) PAR G5 Batteries
  • (1) PAR G5 Headset Charging Station
  • (2) PAR G5/XT-1 Power Supplies
  • (1) PAR G5/XT-1 Outdoor Speaker
  • (1) PAR G5/XT-1 Outdoor Microphone Duplex
  • (1) PAR G5/XT-1 180 ft. 3 Pair Cable
  • (1) PAR G5/XT-1 Acoustic Kit

Easily upgrade from single lane to dual lane on-site

Base Station

PAR G5 Base Station

Smarter Sound • Advanced Noise Reduction delivers superior sound quality • Acoustic Echo Cancellation reduces echoes for clear communication • Built-In Greeter • Record up to 16 messages, each up to 10 seconds long • Use greeter messages to promote key items • Color-Coded Drive-Thru Communications • Lights built into the microphone alert order taker to vehicles in different lanes • Managers can see when customers are being served by the order taker


PAR G5 Drive-Thru Headset

Modular Design • Allows the ability to quickly remove the battery - detach the Control Pod from the Carrier and replace with new Carrier in seconds reducing downtime • Haptics Technology provides a small vibration when touched enabling the user to feel button activation • Accelerometer – eliminates the need for an on/off button • The headset will go to sleep or hibernation mode without motion after 5 minutes • and “instant on” upon movement of headset which saves battery charge and life


PAR G5 Battery

Smart battery – allows users to easily identify the charge status and change batteries to reduce headset downtime. The end-of-life battery indicator provides a visual indication to when the battery’s useful life is ended and should be disposed.

Charge Station

PAR G5 Charging Station

Charge and store your headsets and batteries in one convenient location. You do not even have to remove the batteries from the unit before charging!